Two consultation modes

The results of the measurements carried out by all the monitoring stakeholders to the RNM are made available to a not specialist public and to professionals through an interactive map. Since 2016 when the new website has been on line, two consultation modes are available through a mapping portal:

  • A guided mode (only avalaible in french version), more intended for the general public;
  • An advanced mode, for a well-informed public and for experts

THE GUIDED MODE (french version only)

The guided mode offers an approach by zones: what monitoring is carried out on your department? What monitoring is performed around a nuclear site near your living place?

After selecting a territory, a department or an area of 30 km radius around a nuclear site, you access general information on monitoring: which types of samples (air, water, foodstuffs. ..)? who is monitoring?

Then a choice of selected measurements (called landmark values) along with reading keys, should help you to better grasp the values ​​displayed: for example, how to appreciate the measurement value carried out near your living place compared to that of the national territory?

See the guided mode tutorial to learn how to navigate through this portal.



The advanced mode allows a public more familiar with reading the environmental monitoring measurement results, to access the entire RNM data base.

The measurement results can be accessed directly by selecting sampling points on the map, or by entering search criteria. You can therefore do your own research per geographical area, per type of sampling, per radionuclide ... The result can be downloaded in CSV format.

See the advanced mode tutorial to learn how to navigate through this portal.


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